About me

What about me ?

I’m Barbara, a French adventurer who lives in British Columbia. I mostly spend my spare time hiking or camping, enjoying the amazing nature Canada has to offer. I also eat and sleep a lot, as my friends would say.

I haven’t been an explorer and hiker all my life. In fact, I was quite a city and indoor person when I was a teenager, even if I always enjoyed spending time in the mountains. As a kid, I was shy and clumsy and the last to be chosen for team sports. I never thought I could be an adventurer.  

When I was 22, I decided to take the leap and fly away to Argentina for my first solo trip and my first trip outside Europe. I spend 2 months there with my backpack, learning Spanish, hiking, and meeting great people. Even if it was quite tough initially, this experience changed me and gave me the willingness to explore the world. When I came back, I couldn’t think of anything else than my next adventure.

Annapurnas Circuit

My adventures in Nepal

Why this blog ?

I want to share my adventures – small and big ones with my family, friends, and people interested in the same things as me. But above all, I would like to encourage people – not only girls – to take the leap and explore by themselves if they want it to. People who don’t know where to start climbing a mountain or getting lost in a forest (metaphorically or not).

I will talk about hiking tips and stories, exploration trips in British Columbia or all over the world, and adventure inspiration. Hike, Explore, Adevnture. But also how I changed my way of living and ended up building a camper van.

If you love to make campfires, wake up at 4 am to catch a sunrise, wait hours to have a chance to spot wildlife, this blog will suit you.

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